Business Magick spells will bring you love, happiness, joy, fulfilment and plenty of sex!


Welcome to the home page of Business Magick.

We are Business Magick.

Forget about stage magicians, guys in dinner jackets pulling rabbits out of hats, escorted by glamorous assistants.  Forget you’ve ever seen or even heard of Harry Potter.  Forget any associations with any mumbo-jumbo; with elderly, beardy-wierdy, social misfit stereotypes burning incense, wearing tie-dyed tunics, wizard hats and all the rest of it.  Forget ALL of it.  Disregard it all.  Instead, you have found the website of Business Magick.

Magick is the key to unlocking all the joy, and the things that you want in your life.

You can spend years doing things the hard way (you’ve been doing that all of your life by the way – where has it got you so far?) or you can sit there with your fingers crossed and just hope things work out.

Alternatively, you can invest in some Magick instruction from us the experts, and take positive action in bringing you things NOW.  The best bit?  Nobody would ever know – the results come so naturally, folk will just assume you’re incredibly lucky!  And we’re certainly never going to tell….

Our Business?  Magick!

We run a professional and modern service, operated by ethical business-minded intelligent people.  We are proud to offer on general sale instructions for powerful Magick spells, rites and ceremonies to anyone in the community who truly wants the easiest and quickest way to create an amazing life for themselves that’s as joyous as it can possibly be.

We at Business Magick pride ourselves on running a clean and ethical business, with some excellent feedback from our customers.  In an industry poisoned with deluded hippies and socially-maladjusted druids, we pride ourselves on being completely different with our twenty-first century business model and our high standard of ethics.  We’ve never worn tunics or clogs in our lives, and we know ridiculous we look with beards.

We are not Wizards running a business.  We are professional business people who happen to be experts in Magick.  That is a BIG difference.

Isn’t Magick meant to be dangerous?

Magick used the wrong way CAN be dangerous.  In the same way that kitchen knives can be dangerous, when used incorrectly or with malice.  Used correctly however, kitchen knives can be used to create something amazingly beautiful and satisfying.  And so it is with Magick!  Neither kitchen knives nor Magick are actually dangerous, it all depends upon who is using them and how.

And thanks to the universal law of Karma, no wicked deed goes unpunished.  Use our Magick spells for good, and only good things will happen to you and those you love.

The greatest danger to you right now though, is from the charlatans and rip-off artists out there.

We do not try and fob you off with magic potions, special stones, odd things made out of straw, or anything else.  In our opinion, if a rabbit’s foot was so lucky, the rabbit it came from would still be alive.

Instead, we are probably the world’s biggest provider of Magick spells, rites, ceremonies and incantations, all available by digital download.  Full, clear and precise instructions are included with each product, making your Magick as easy as copying a drawing or writing down some words, and focusing on the outcome you desire.  (Our Advanced Magick spells might need a few bits and pieces, but nothing that you can’t find naturally in the great outdoors, make yourself at home, or purchase online).

So how does Business Magick work?

First, take a good look through our Business Magick range of spells, incantations, rites and ceremonies.  Bearing in mind any difficulties you are currently facing in your business situation (or in your personal life, away from work), or any wonderful, amazing thing that you would like to happen in your life right now.

Take time to carefully choose which of our products you believe will provide you with the exact solution you are looking for.  Ordering from us is fast and simple; and as soon as your order is successfully placed, you will receive your Business Magick spell.  And the spell remains yours, to perform as many times as you wish!

Finally, ALL your information is as safe as we can possibly make it.  We use PayPal to accept most credit cards, so giving you all the usual safety guarantees you would expect from one of the world’s biggest payment gateway companies.  It’s expensive for us, but worth it.  Our payment method is fully PCI compliant.

You can order from Business Magick, confident in the knowledge that we NEVER sell forward our customer’s details, as we do not keep them on record beyond our legal requirement.  We also do NOT send spam emails, ever.  We respect your right to secrecy and privacy.  Your Magick is your own business!

If this is the first time you have ever played with the idea of using Magick to improve your personal or business prospects, then it is recommended that you read our Frequently Asked Questions as well as our Karma and Ethics pages.  If you are still in accordance, then we would like to invite you to browse our products, take control of your life, and place your order.

Life does NOT have to be hard!

Life should be joyful.  Life should be fun!  Life should be abundant with the things you like.  Life should be lived to the full.

Life should be about being happy, being free, and doing the things you love best with the people you love best.  Life should be AMAZING!

You are in the right place to make it so.  Even our Basic Spells use amazing, powerful Magick that can easily and quickly transform your life.  Choose whatever you truly want or need from our products, and you can download simple, clear instructions to create truly powerful Magick within minutes.

We have got;

  • Spells for success and prosperity.

  • A Magick spell to ensure you ALWAYS have sufficient money.

  • A Magick spell to increase the number of customers your business attracts.

  • Spells for business growth.

  • Spells to attract new friends and lovers, of either gender.

  • Spells to create a wealth of sex opportunities, either on your own or as a couple.

  • Spells that work!


New spells are being added all the time.  Browse our website and see if one of our amazing, powerful Magick spells does the trick for you.  If not, please use the Contact Us page and let us know what you’re after.

Finally, don’t be fobbed off by other websites that offer lame magic spells for $1 or even for free!  They don’t work.  You will be wasting your time, and you’ll be disheartened enough to turn your back on Magick, and your dreams, forever.

There’s a really good reason WHY our Basic Spells start at $45 (note: discounted to $10 for a limited period only).  It’s because although they are simple to do, THEY WORK.

You will struggle to find more powerful Magick than this on general release today.

And with instant download, you can have instructions for one of our spells on your PC, tablet or cellphone, and start living the life you dream of within just a few minutes….


We accept all credit cards via PayPal at Business Magick