Basic Magick spells to bring you joy, success and happiness

Basic Spells

Don’t be misled by use of the term ‘basic spells’.  This is still Magick in its most powerful form; it is purely the ceremony which has been simplified.

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What to expect when you buy our of our Basic Spells.

All of our Basic Spells come in the form of a digital download.

They are in .pdf format, which you should be able to read on any platform, on any device.  If you don’t already have a .pdf Reader installed, you can obtain a free program here, so you can read it on whatever device you choose.

Aside from your payment, all we need from you is a valid email address.  Virtually as soon as you order, you will get the basic Spell of your choice.  No transit charge, no waiting in for your delivery to arrive.  It couldn’t be simpler.

FULL INSTRUCTIONS are always included as a part of the Basic Spell. It is our recommendation that you rehearse the spell as many times as it takes you to become fully conversant with whatever comes next.  Nothing will break your concentration faster than referring back to the spell over and over again to remind yourself what comes next.

A FULL LIST OF MATERIALS is also included in every Basic Spell.  These materials are not specialist items; they can be purchased just about anywhere.  Our advice would be to purchase the finest quality materials you can afford.  Although the unseen world doesn’t exactly check price tags, it does value the sacrifice you make by purchasing quality materials.  It is not impressed by thrift – it certainly does not appreciate items you have ‘borrowed’ from your employer.

NO REFUND IS OFFERED on our downloadable products.  You are buying information only.  The effectiveness of your Magick is in your hands; it is down to how much time, effort, concentration, will-power and urgent emotion you invest in your Magick.  We recommend that each spell is rehearsed before it is actually used; we also recommend that it is repeated.  Keep records of everything – times and dates, your feelings, tiredness, how well you were able to concentrate; records of your results; any Epiphany moments you experience.  Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page for further advice.

Our range of Basic Spells.

We have FOUR ranges of Basic Spell.

  • Money Magick spells are for attracting money; finding money; inheriting money; ensuring financial success; winning a promotion; gaining superiority in the workplace; starting a new life and gaining new wealth.
  • Love Magick and Sex Magick spells are for finding new friends; finding a new lover; to compel a lover to return; to make a certain person fall in love with you; to keep a love-affair a secret; to find new sexual opportunities.
  • Protection Magick spells will protect you from enemies; neighbors; relatives; psychic attack; envy.
  • Retribution Magick spells provide retaliation for theft; injustice; betrayal; curses.

Please take the trouble to browse our products; the best results come from using the spell which best addresses what you’re truly feeling, rather than buying the first one you see or the one which you think looks the coolest.