Money Magick

Money Magick is, rather fortunately, the easiest Magick to use and obtain results with.  Allow us to explain…

Why Money Magick works.

The simplest reason why Money Magick can be so successful is simply because money does not exist.

How much money do you have right now?  If you’ve just been paid, the chances are that you might have a couple of Grand in the bank.

That’s what your Bank statement tells you.  In actual fact, what you have is a piece of paper with some writing on it.

Back in the day, folks used to trade items and exchange them.  Foodstuffs might be swapped for other items, or for performing some labor.  people were able to negotiate their own bargains, and barter to an acceptable point of mutual benefit.  One man gets his roof fixed, the other gets to feed his family.

This bartering system was of no benefit to the Authorities however, who eventually invented a standard of barter, which was adopted by all eventually.  Favors, labor, material goods and foodstuffs all came to be exchanged for these tokens, which could be used in turn to exchange for other things.  And so money was invented.  Closely followed, funnily enough by taxation.  But that’s another story.

Look at the notes you have in your wallet.  In the UK, bank notes carry a signed promise from Her Majesty the Queen, to “pay the Bearer on demand the sum of” however many pounds.  Similar promises are made by others dignitaries, all over the World.  In other words, a twenty is not actually ‘a twenty’.  It is however worth twenty.

Look at the amount of money our Governments are in debt.  The US Government are, as this s being created, in debt to just over $19Tn.  Over Nineteen trillion dollars; or to put it another way, over $19,000,000,000,000.  Do you think there is a pile of bank notes that high somewhere?  This money exists only on a spreadsheet.  And on various computers in different places.

It can therefore be concluded that ‘money’ does not actually exist.  ‘Value’ exists, in intangible terms, but not money.

The results of Money Magick.

Using Magick to create something tangible requires a lot of experience, practice and dedication.  To attract something which doesn’t actually exist – other than on an ATM display or on a Statement – is, spiritually speaking, rather easier.

So, feel free to browse our Money Magick basic Spells.  You’ll find one which truly strikes a chord with you.  Order whichever one attracts you the most, remembering that the spell is only effective when it is invested with emotion and concentration.  And use your Magick to bring you something wonderful, while blissfully aware that you are asking for something that doesn’t actually exist!

NO REFUND IS OFFERED on our downloadable products.  You are buying information only.  The effectiveness of your Magick is in your hands; it is down to how much time, effort, concentration, will-power and urgent emotion you invest in your Magick.  We recommend that each spell is rehearsed before it is actually used; we also recommend that it is repeated.  Keep records of everything – times and dates, your feelings, tiredness, how well you were able to concentrate; records of your results; any Epiphany moments you experience.  Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page for further advice.


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