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While we do our best to answer ALL business-related messages as soon as we possibly can, please be patient with us.  The vast volume of queries that we get means that there is always a backlog of messages.  Responding to messages via the Contact Us page is still something which we refuse to outsource; we believe that to do so would be in direct conflict with our business ethic and the way in which we like to work.  That means that when we reply, you really are talking to a member of the Business Magick team, not an overseas Call Center where the staff aren’t really in touch with who we are or what we do.

Please do not Contact Us if…

  • Your intention is to condemn us because you disagree with the use of Magick in some way.  We have heard every argument against it, and we still feel that Magick used in a correct and responsible way is not only justifiable but should be encouraged, if anyone is completely serious about getting as much joy, excitement and happiness out of their life.


  • You wish to lecture us about your choice of religion.  If you are convinced that your way is the only right way then don’t even bother.  Instead, go back and do some research, beyond the one and only book you refer to, and learn how your religion has evolved from its origins into what it is today.  We do believe in God, just for the record; please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions section for further details.


  • You wish to sell us SEO Services, Web Design, Hosting or anything else.  We’re good thanks.  We’re also good for watches, sunglasses, and all the rest of it.


Emails like those described are an abuse of our Contact Us page, and take up time we’d much rather spend with legitimate customer queries.

If you’re still going to go ahead anyway, then we’d like to wish you luck getting past our high-tech email filter.  You won’t get a response, even if you do.


We realize that these people are in the minority, and that everyone else probably has legitimate reasons for contacting us.  If that’s YOU then we’re sorry for the lecture.

Please be our guest; go ahead and use this form.


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