There is much that we see in the media today which we find distasteful.  We see corrupt Governments, even in the so-called civilized countries such as the USA and Great Britain.  We see the citizens of these countries being manipulated through the media by their leaders, being fed lies or only partial truths, having their freedoms eroded, and being bled of every cent that they own through complex taxation.  We see people imprisoned with longer sentences for financial crimes against the State than if they had murdered another person in cold blood.  We see a steady decay in ethics in society, where those whom were once public servants have become the overlords.  And the citizens are constantly being told that this is for their own good.  And they believe it.

Against this background, the bigots in society have the nerve to call us unethical!  While Business Magick has no political affiliations nor aspirations, we have taken the trouble to share the above scenario with you, purely to give a background of how corrupt and how unethical and immoral the non-Magick world and society is.  These are the people who have the nerve to call us unethical, without even talking to us or making the slightest effort to understand us, our business model, our products, or our ethics.

The following will, we hope, explain how we view Magick, and how we recommend that you consider the ethics behind using it to obtain whatever it is that you want.

What is Magick?

We believe that Magick is powerful.  It is real, and as powerful as any other natural force.  Just as you cannot choose to be affected by or to ignore Gravity, one cannot simply choose to not be affected by Magick and pretend that it doesn’t exist.  Magick is all around us.  Magick is ‘us’.  Magick is what provides our life force, our souls, our spirits.  Magick is that part of us that leaves our bodies at the moment we die, leaving the Magick-less mortal remains behind.

As smart as modern science is, it has never been able to create ‘life’ in a laboratory.  We have all heard the Darwinian theories, of how chemicals from volcanoes (or was it a meteorite?) somehow mixed together to create the first single-cell, LIVING thing.  It’s a pretty enough theory, but nobody, ever, has been able to prove it.  All the best scientists, in the best laboratories, using the latest materials, equipment and techniques, will never be able to create ‘life’ out of whatever sludge they mix together in a test tube.  They are missing one vital ingredient.  They are missing Magick.

So now we have established what Magick is and how powerful it is.  The next question should really be, is it safe?  What if it falls into the wrong hands?  What if somebody uses it to harm me or those I love and care about?

Ethics and the use of Magick.

Magick can be a wonderful thing when it is used in a positive way.  We can use Magick to create vast amounts of wealth, to create far better lives for ourselves and our loved ones, to live the way we’ve only ever considered to be within the reach of a chosen few.  Lives can be, and often are, turned around by the correct use of Magick.  There are some who would scoff and call this unethical!  But we tell our kids to work hard in school, to do their homework, so that they can go and get good jobs and lead – well, some kind of life anyway.  We at Business Magick would argue that to tell a child to work hard and continue to work hard for the next fifty to sixty years, with only trinkets as a mediocre reward, is unethical.  I want my kids to taste the very best that life has to offer.  That’s why I use Magick.

Magick can be used to heal our bodies.  It would be foolish in the extreme to say that a Magick practitioner will never ever need to visit a doctor or the dentist!  But we hear reports of people who have made a full and complete recovery from cancer, through the use of Magick.  Disfigurements, mental illnesses, insomnia and asthma have all been cured or eased considerably, for some, through the correct use of Magick.  Yes Magick practitioners will eventually die, just like everybody else, but the correct, positive use of Magick certainly alleviates much of life’s ailments in the time that you are here.  We believe it is well within any code of ethics to look after yourself, and to enjoy life to the full while you have it.

The problems start when Magick is used to affect somebody else in a negative way.  We perceive this negative way to be when it is used to affect other people.

We have heard of instances when a curse has been placed on an innocent child, for example, for the practitioner’s own amusement.  This is inexcusable wickedness, pure and simple.  While spells can be obtained from us to protect oneself from curses, we would instead recommend in this instance our spell which returns a curse, and curses the enemy in turn.  We do not believe in turning the other cheek, as no battle has ever been won by hiding.  When one is attacked, surely the best response is to attack in turn and overwhelm your attacker.  While an unprovoked attack is always bad from an ethics point of view, it is surely common sense to protect ourselves, and those we hold dear.

We offer a spell which can be used to find money.  Although the spell might help you to, say, find $1000 in a bag on the floor, it also means that somebody somewhere has lost $1000.  We believe that it is down to the individual and their own personal code of ethics to decide if the use of this spell is appropriate.  As an alternative, we also supply spells to ensure that you will always have sufficient money, or to earn a promotion.  Search through our inventory, and you ought to find something far more agreeable.

There is the matter of our Love spells and ceremonies.  Magick Adepts and practitioners have argued for centuries about the ethics of this, since a love spell, if it works, will always affect another person.  At Business Magick we hold the opinion that this is all about a definition of love.  If it is true love, then both partners will feel it and will experience great joy because of what they have together.  If they are happier together than they were when separate, then we would consider this to be very ethical indeed.  If, however, one partner is stuck in a relationship by force or against their will, or just wants to be out of the relationship, then the situation is different entirely.  Read through our range of love spells, and consider your choice wisely.

Of course things are a little different when using our sex spells!  Our spell to find new sexual opportunities is one of our best sellers, and we receive some amazing feedback, some of which is in somewhat graphic detail.  We would urge everyone to consider the ethics in this delicate situation however, and ensure that your sex partner or partners are engaging with you of their own free will.  If they are not, then it ends there.  Never force somebody into sex!  Rape is an horrific crime and destroys lives.  Our spell will create sexual opportunities; only a fool would see every single encounter with members of the opposite sex as opportunities.

Finally, the worst way to negatively use Magick is to pass on a spell to someone for whom it was not intended.  Nobody would pass a loaded pistol to a child to play with, or encourage people to walk along a precipice in a hurricane, or in the centre of a busy highway.  It is irresponsible in the extreme.  If the child playing with the pistol shoots himself, it cannot be argued that the fault is with the child.  The responsibility is with the person who passed that child a loaded gun.  And should your Magick instruction or paraphernalia fall into anybody’s hands but your own, then YOU are solely responsible for the fallout, and under the universal law of Karma, it is you who will pay the price.  And as ALL OUR PRODUCTS ARE PROTECTED BY CURSE anyway, as the best copy protection we could ever have, it makes sense to KEEP YOUR MAGICK PRIVATE and to protect the people from it.

Further reading.

We would encourage you to read more about this important topic, as to use Magick in a negative way will ensure that negativity is returned to you.  One must be fully aware of the responsibilities that go with using something as incredibly powerful as Magick, and we would suggest the following websites as a starting point.