frequently asked questions about Business Magick

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

It is our intention to use this page to dispel some of the myths and rumors that surround Magick, and about ourselves.  To this end, we have compiled a list of frequently-asked questions for you.  The list of questions is by no means exhaustive, but should still point you in the right direction.

We sincerely hope that the information given below is sufficient to put your mind at rest.


Questions about Magick

What is the difference between Magic and Magick?

Magic is what you’d normally associate with light entertainment; card tricks, disappearing handkerchiefs, flowery bouquets being pulled out of thin air, that kind of thing.  (If that is the sort of thing that you’re after, this is NOT the website for you).  The word ‘magic’ usually conjures either the image of a stage magician, or of Harry Potter.

Magick, on the other hand, is the craft of communion with the spirit world and using natural & supernatural forces to bring about beneficial change.  We at Business Magick always use this spelling (and always with a respectful capital M) to reassure our customers that they are getting the real thing from us.

If you’re here to learn how to pull a rabbit out of a top hat, you are on the wrong website.

Is Magick real?

Yes it is.  We accept that some people have closed-minds and prejudices and have been taught to hold certain opinions, and will therefore dismiss us as ‘charlatans’ and ‘snake-oil salesmen.’ There’s nothing much we can do about that.

But the truth of the matter is that Magick is real; Magick is powerful; Magick has the potential to fulfill all your dreams; Magick is easily within the grasp of everyone.

Isn’t Magick meant to be ‘evil’?

Society has been preconditioned to believe that Magick is ‘evil’ although in truth not many people take the trouble to find out the truth for themselves.  Whilst people throughout history have been known to use Magick for evil purposes, Magick is actually benign, just like gravity or any other natural force.

It has to be remembered that prayer, just like the way they taught you in Sunday School, is a form of Magick.  To quiet oneself and close one’s eyes; to worship God, and to ask for something to happen; to remember those closest to you in your prayers and to ask for nice things to happen to them.  All this, to a being higher than us, whom we cannot see, touch, or feel with our hands.  It sounds a lot like Magick, doesn’t it?

Whenever people lecture us about the ‘evils’ of Magick through the ages, we simply remind them of the evils committed by the Church through the years, or the barbarity occurring in the Middle East today.  This usually does the trick.

Isn’t Magick dangerous?


That said, Magick can be used to dangerous ends.  Ultimately, the responsibility for any safe or dangerous outcomes are the responsibility of the individual performing the spell or ceremony.

People use kitchen knives in order to prepare delicious meals.  Indeed, some use them in order to prepare the most amazing works of art on a plate which we have ever seen!  At the same time, some people use kitchen knives to kill and injure others.  Does this make the knives themselves evil?  No it doesn’t.

We believe that Magick is no more dangerous that greedy, self-serving politicians.  And certainly less dangerous than organized religions!

We have some guidance on the Ethical use of Magick coming to this website here; there will also be a section dedicated to karma, for those still tempted to use Magick for questionable purposes.

Isn’t this really ‘black magic’?

There is no such thing as ‘black magic’ (except for the delicious chocolates); or ‘white magic’, or any other color.  Magick is just Magick.  The ‘good’ or ‘bad’ element is down to the actions and intentions of the Practitioner.

Do you worship the devil or sacrifice virgins?

Absolutely not!

We find both of these ideas to be absolutely ridiculous, while at the same time, utterly repugnant.

Devil Worship and Magick are two completely different things.  Although they are very often confused, deliberately, by those who seek to condemn the use of Magick without fully understanding it.

We at Business Magick do NOT condone the actions of Devil Worshipers.  We utterly condemn the desecration of graveyards, the sacrifice of live animals, and all other sick and depraved acts borne out by these people.  These are wicked acts, by sick people.

This cliché of ritual murder is most likely down to Hollywood more than anything else.  And it would seem to us that more ritual killings are done by maniacs believing they are acting on God’s instructions (here is a recent example in the United Kingdom; as well as the worldwide religious practice of Halal Slaughter) and throughout history, than by Magick Adepts and Practitioners.

To be honest, if you were to give us a virgin, we could think of plenty of better, more enjoyable things to do with her than to damage her as a sacrifice!  What a waste.  Have her scrubbed and brought to the Business Magick office…..

Is Magick at odds with my Religion?

Not necessarily.

It depends upon which religion of course.  We’re not experts in all of them, but we do hold a valid position on the main ones.

Most of the Monotheistic religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) all have a basis in versions of the Old Testament.  Remember Moses and the miracles he performed in front of Pharaoh?  Moses was actually his adopted son and would have been educated in performing Magick, which is why every trick and every plague was so ineffective.  The first few times Moses tried to persuade Pharaoh to allow the Israelites to leave Egypt, he performed miracles which were equaled by his former tutors.  He later used his Magick to create the Ark of the Covenant, a device so powerful a man was killed simply by touching it.

Who was the first on the scene when Jesus was born?  The “Three Wise Men” are a modern notion; they were Astrologers (Matthew’s Gospel calls them “Magi“) or Mystics.  Both these terms are very closely related to Magick.

Jesus taught his followers what we call the Lord’s Prayer.  Prayer is a direct way of speaking to God.  It is a direct communication with the unseen World – exactly how we would define Magick.

Having said that, it must be remembered that many religions will try and teach you that Magick is a bad thing!  They will side-step the examples stated above (and we can show you far more examples from the Holy Bible, Qur’an and Torah than these here) and get really upset while they confuse Magick with devil-worship, and ‘black magic’ even though it doesn’t even exist!

Remember, you are not your religion.  You are YOU.  Therefore it is down to you to do your own research, and to decide things for yourself, like a calm mature adult – not as a sheep led by a religion.

What do Business Magick have to say about Religion?

We at Business Magick believe that organized ‘Religion’ is one of the most terrible afflictions of the civilized World.  We are not referring to one particular religion here; they are all to blame.

To explain, we believe that there is a vast difference between a personal belief system, and organized Religion:

  • A belief is what you feel in your heart; it is deeply personal to you, and it may or may not coincide with what other people believe.  It is what gets you through the hard times that each of us face at different times in our lives.
  • Religion however is a stick that has been used to beat populations into compliance for centuries.  It is responsible for more, terrible wars than anything else.  It is responsible for more terrorist atrocities than any political cause.  It has caused millennia of hatred, unspeakable suffering and unnecessary suffering in the Middle East particularly.  Even today, it is still a front for child molestation, corruption, and mind-control of the masses.  It owns vast tracts of land, countless properties, and untold fortunes in private, overseas accounts.

There is a World of difference between Religion, and a personal belief in God. 

God is not a statue, a stained-glass window, a building or a collection-box.  God is who you feel in your heart.  It’s who you speak to in your hour of need.  Even if you pray to the God of traffic lights (“Please stay Green!”)

Is there any fallout from using Magick?

There are two possible answers to this question.

First, let us say that you have performed a spell to find $500.  Perform the spell the right way and you will find it.  The fallout is, unfortunately, that someone else will have lost $500.  You must consider this as a factor when you make your decision to create the Magick.  If you are happy to accept this as a consequence, then go with it.  You can always give them their $500 back.

The second answer regards the misuse of Magick.  Basically, if you use Magick with malice or to destroy someone, then the law of Karma may bring some fallout back to you, depending upon the nature of the spell or rite, and the reasons and intent behind it.

We offer Magick spells for revenge and retribution among our range of Basic Spells.  We can offer these with a clear conscience, as it is entirely the choice of you our customer to purchase and to use this powerful Magick.  We do not believe it is our place to censor your decision, which is why this is offered freely.  We treat our customers like grown-ups.  We do however recommend that you take time to consider any fallout or repercussions from what you are about to do, with a cool head, before you purchase.

Is there a down side to using Magick?

As long as Magick is used in the right way, and the spells and ceremonies are performed correctly, there is no down side at all.  Things start to go wrong when Magick is misused.  Be under no illusions, these are very powerful forces indeed.

Questions about performing Magick.

What will I need to perform the spell?

For our basic spells, all you will need is some paper of a certain color, a pen of a certain color, and somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed (ideally, an area for which you have exclusive use, so only your vibrations are present in the space) so that you can concentrate fully while the spell is performed.  You might also need envelopes, depending upon which Magick spell you choose.  All requirements are explained clearly in every Magick spell.

Our more advanced spells require the use of further equipment, which has to be cleaned and prepared a particular way before the spell.  Full, precise instructions are included with each of our products, enabling you to invoke the outcome you desire.

Some of the spells will require the use of a bank note.  Make this the highest denomination bank note that you possibly can.  Yes you get the bank note back afterwards!

What else do I need besides the Spell?

Not much. The most important requirement will be the space where the spell, rite or ceremony will be performed; make sure it is somewhere quiet and private, as the biggest requirement in all Magick is to concentrate on the desired outcome and to visualize it clearly.  The perfect place will be somewhere that you have exclusive use, as your spiritual vibrations cannot then be confused with anybody else’s.

Other than that, there may be basic materials required such as pens, paper and envelopes.  Make sure that you obtain the highest quality you can afford, as the unseen world will not be impressed with your cheapness.  Stealing stationery from your place of work is a definite no-no when it comes to Magick!

Do I need to burn josticks or incense while I’m performing your spells?

If you feel that burning incense, herbs or josticks may enhance your concentration, then please feel free to do so.  Some like to play gentle sounds like whale-song or naturally running water to aid their relaxation and concentration; a common favorite however, is a pair of noise-cancelling ear defenders or headphones.  They make all the difference.

Do I need an altar?

Not for the basic spells.  For some of the more advanced Magick you might need one (plus a few other items, such as cloth or candles of a specific color).  Full instructions, and a list of what will be required, is included with each individual set of instructions.

What do I need to wear?

There are no requirements for wearing particular clothing in any of our Magick spells.  Whatever you feel comfortable in is best; you cannot concentrate and visualize on your intended outcome throughout the Magick Ritual, if you are conscious of being restricted by a collar & tie or other tight clothing.  get comfortable first.

We have received feedback from couples who have used our Love Magick and Sex Magick spells.  They say that the Ritual always presents the best results when the Magick spell is performed with both partners naked, facing each other and with candles providing the only light.  We put this down to such intimacy providing a heightened sexual energy, which of course you need in order to create effective Sex Magick or Love Magick.

Try it naked.  Try it fully dressed, try it in your best suit, try it in your underwear.  Try it in your mother’s best dress if you think it might help.  Record everything in your diary (your “Book of Shadows”, mentioned elsewhere) and see what brings you the best results.

Where can I perform the spell?

It depends upon the spell.  We have heard of silent incantations and prayers performed in an airline seat before now, not to mention in a business meeting, on a date or whilst driving.  Not exactly perfect, but sometimes you have to make do with what’s available.

Our basic spells can be performed anywhere quiet and private, such as a hotel room.  The ideal place, however, would be somewhere that is only used by you.

Some countries, particularly in the Middle East, ban the use of Magick (indeed, any religious or spiritual practice other than the recognized State religion).  We would advise caution if you are purchasing, or will be visiting, these areas.  Since our products are made available to you in digital format, we suggest that you investigate things such as Cloud storage (so that your spell or incantation does not enter these countries) or perhaps encryption.  You take full responsibility for your own actions; Business Magick accepts no responsibility whatsoever if you are caught and reprimanded by the authorities, wherever our products are outlawed or discouraged.

Questions regarding the use of Magick in the Business world.

How will using Magick help my business?

The use of Magick will give you or your business whatever outcome you desire.  Done successfully, the result will appear so naturally, nobody will ever suspect the use of Magick.

Many successful companies and individuals (celebrities, sports stars, musicians, as well as the rank-and-file) use Magick all the time.  You would be surprised how many of them are – but we’re never going to tell you who they are!

Never mind anybody else though – the important thing to remember is that the correct use of Magick can make YOU just as wealthy, successful, healthy, happy and fulfilled as THEY are!

Isn’t using Magick to get ahead in business unprofessional?

How can it be ‘unprofessional’?  You may have done everything else to obtain the advantage; invested in the latest technology for example, or headhunted your best team players from your competitors; there are all the extra hours you work, plus all the stress that you take home.  We would go as far as to say that refusing to use Magick can be unprofessional.  You could be giving value and market share away to your competitors, who are pressing every advantage.  That means you are losing out, and so are your staff, customers, suppliers, and your investors.  That’s about as unprofessional as you can get.

Would it be unfair if I used Magick?

Absolutely not.

All the Magick products we offer are ‘egocentric’.  That is to say, they concern the person performing the Magick (except in the case of, say, specific Love spells, where the person of your desire is named in the spell).

If the spell is designed to be harmful to another person, then yes that would be unfair.  happily however, none of our products meet that description.

How do I know if my business competitor is using Magick?

Unless you find paraphernalia which arouses your suspicions, or (more likely) they boast about doing so, then you will never be able to tell if a competitor or anybody else is using Magick to advance their position.

We suspect that more people are using Magick than you think.

In fact we’d even go one step further and suggest that Magick is responsible for more lottery wins, jackpots, sporting victories, personal fortunes and business successes than anything else.  Luck?  That’s what you are supposed to think…

Can I use my Magick spell in my office space?

The secret to successful Magick is CONCENTRATION.  It is being able to visualize, in great detail, the exact outcome you desire, so that you can communicate your wishes to the spirits.  So as long as you are somewhere that enables you to concentrate – without, say, the nagging fear of being disturbed by a coworker, boss, spouse or whomever – and concentrate in the quiet, then you will be fine.

(We have also, conversely, heard of certain Magick being performed discretely in full view of the public, during a career interview, or in an airline seat during turbulence.  Each to their own).

Our higher level Magick products may make different requirements.  All is explained, in clear detail, with each of our products.

What if the spell doesn’t work?

Let’s be clear; one does not simply purchase a Magick product, read through it a few times, make a half-hearted attempt at the spell, and then wonder why it does not work.  There is a lot more to it than that.

It’s a bit like following a recipe in a cook book and burning your creation.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that the chef is a crook or the recipe is a lie.  It doesn’t mean you are entitled to send the cook book back for a refund.  All it means, is keep practicing the recipe until you get it right!

The Magick that we imbue into all of our products is very powerful Magick indeed.  Understand that this is not some fly-by-night operation; we are not tunic-wearing hippies, working from a Yurt in the middle of a cannabis plantation.  We know what we are doing, and we operate to a very strong set of business codes and ethics.  You will buy from Business Magick, safe in the knowledge that your purchase really is the genuine article.

That said, there are a few reasons why your spell has not worked.

The most common reason for failure is that of doubt in the mind of the practitioner.  As they run through the spell and follow the instructions, all the time they have a nagging doubt at the back of their minds that this is actually mumbo-jumbo, that the spell has no chance of ever working, that they have been duped or deceived somehow, or perhaps a fear that they feel that they really shouldn’t be messing around with Magick.  If this sounds like where you’re at right now, then we would like to suggest that you start with a different spell.  Have a read through our inventory, and pick a different spell that really strikes a chord with you (for example, we get a lot of business people who come looking for a spell to create extra revenue – and then purchase a spell that creates new sexual opportunities).  If your heart is in it 100%, then you side-step the issue.  You can always move up to other spells, once your doubts are alleviated.

Another reason for failure is a lack of concentration.  We recommend that you – indeed, everybody! – learn the art of meditation.  Practice getting into state, visualization, relaxation, and you’re well on your way.  Keep your desired outcome fixed in your mind throughout the spell.  Don’t get upset if spurious thoughts enter your mind – just acknowledge them, and dismiss them without judgement, and without getting upset.  Regular practice pays dividends.

We recommend that the instructions with any of our products is read and re-read many times, before the spell is actioned.  Experience, both our own and that of our customers, shows us that concentration and visualization is easily broken when you have to remind yourself what comes next.  For the very best results, we recommend that the spell is rehearsed and practiced, until the process is second nature and can be done automatically, without breaking concentration.

Another reason for failure that we hear about is a lack of purpose.  In other words, the spell is being performed to obtain something that, let’s be honest, you don’t really want.  If this is the case, you have two options; you can go and think about the reasons why you are asking for what you’re asking.  It’s all well and good asking for extra sales, but why do you want them?  So you can earn the money to take the vacation of a lifetime?  Why not ask for that instead!  You’ll find it a lot easier to visualize, and a lot easier to get excited about – the spirit world feels your emotions just as strongly as they hear your words.  Your second option is to purchase another product, something for which you can quantify and give a strong sense of desire to.  This must be the reason why our Sex spells are so popular!

Whatever the reason for any failure – the important thing is to keep at it!  Don’t allow early setbacks to put you off.  Hang in there, you will get it eventually, and your desires will materialize if you keep on track.  It’s a good idea to keep a journal (known in inner circles as a ‘Book of Shadows’) documenting what you’ve done, changes you’ve made, results that you’ve noticed, helping you to evaluate what works for you and what doesn’t.  Most cellphones have some kind of a Diary App – we recommend this, over a paper diary which anyone can read.

Who uses Magick in business?

There are several possible answers to this question, depending upon how we interpret the meaning behind asking it.

Firstly, we NEVER pass on the names of anybody who has ordered from us.  We don’t even keep a list for ourselves (which is why you’ll never receive junk or spam emails from us).  Which is another way of stating that you, or anybody else, can order from us in complete confidence.

Secondly; lots of people!  Although you are highly unlikely to ever be able to tell.  That coworker who got promoted, when it should have been you?  The CEO of your main competitor, who keeps luring your clients away?  The energetic entrepreneur, well on his way to his first Billion?  The guy with a Personal Assistant who can really turn heads?  ALL of them could be using Magick to get ahead.  The truth is that the results of using Magick come so naturally, nobody would ever be able to tell otherwise.

Every time there is a swing in the Markets.  Every time a team wins.  Every time a World Record gets broken.  Every time somebody wins an election.  Whenever somebody does something, there is often Magick involved.

Next time you settle down to read your newspaper, ask yourself if Magick might have been used for each and every story.  Suddenly the truth will dawn on you.  You will realize just how many successful and ‘lucky’ people are using Magick.  And you will soon realize why, until NOW, you have been left behind.

Can you tell if somebody else is using Magick?


The results of Magick occur so naturally, nobody would ever be able to tell that Magick has been used.  People will call you lucky, or a genius, or a hard-worker, but that’s about it.  The use of Magick would be the last thing they suspect.

The use of Magick can only be known when the practitioner gets careless, either leaving incriminating objects around or boasting about things which really are best kept private!

Can anybody tell if I’m using Magick?


The only way that anyone will ever be able to tell is if you tell them, or if you leave Magick paraphernalia where others might discover it.  The results from using Magick, although spectacular, come into existence so naturally, nobody would ever be able to tell.  Even if your spell has been to create a vast fortune, it will appear in such a way that nobody will suspect the use of Magick.  They will call you a lucky individual, but nobody will ever suspect the use of a Magick spell!

Can I pass the Magick spell on to my colleagues (or members of my team)?

Absolutely not.  There are two reasons.

Firstly, Magick is personal.  The effectiveness of Magick depends upon the desire, the belief, the concentration, the will of the individual performing the Magick ceremony or spell.  In a typical business environment, one can probably expect the co-operation of one’s team members, and input from all into a particular project.  To ask your team, however, to commit to the qualities required in effective Magick, is a different scenario.  Indeed, to do so may even be to the detriment of your professional standing.  Magick is not for everyone, and we strongly advise you to keep your Magick to yourself.  You can always perform the spell in secret and share the success with your team anyway!

The second reason is more to do with Business Magick.  Our products are digital products and, as such, are vulnerable to copying and sharing through ‘Pirate’ websites.  So rather than lie awake all night worrying, or spending vast sums on ‘copy-protect’ protocols that hackers can override eventually anyway, we decided upon the most powerful copy-protection of all.


The Business Magick product you purchase is for YOUR EYES ONLY.  It was chosen by you, to address a problem that’s personal to you, or to gain something that’s vitally important to you.  Therefore it would not make sense to share this Magick with anybody else, who will obviously have different problems and priorities to you.  They won’t have the personal conviction to make it work like you do either.  It won’t work for them, it will lead to an awkward questions and an embarrassing situation, and you’ll be forever condemned as that weirdo who believes in mumbo-jumbo.

It is entirely unethical to even leave your Magick where it can be discovered, let alone willingly pass it on.  To do so is akin to leaving a loaded pistol for a child to play with; you alone are responsible for any tragedy, not the child.  And you alone are responsible for any fallout, should your Magick fall into anyone’s hands but your own.  The Magick is yours – you are the one who chose it, ordered it and paid for it from your own money – and it is your responsibility to protect your friends, family and associates from it.

More important than this, however, is the CURSE we impart to each of our products, which is invoked if a product is shared, and is disturbed by the vibrations of another.  The more you share the spell, rite, ceremony or incantation, the worse the CURSE will be for you.

Far better instead to keep things to yourself.  Magick IS personal, and to try and make it otherwise would only serve to lose its potency.  Play this game by the rules, and you’ll do OK.

Questions about our company, Business Magick.

What am I buying?

You are buying detailed instructions in order to correctly perform Magick.  These instructions are in digital format, and will be in your hands almost immediately as soon as the order and payment has been authorised.  The information is not time sensitive, and can be used weeks or even years after purchase, for as many times as you need.  Being digital, it can be accessed from anywhere, all day, any day.  We never close.

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds under most circumstances.  Our Magick ceremonies, rites, spells and incantations are, we believe, the very best that money can buy, so a refund policy is irrelevant.

How does it all work?

You choose the Magick spell you require and purchase it using our secure payment method.  You download it.  You receive a set of instructions for the Magick spell, in .PDF format, which are yours to keep and repeat as often as you wish.

The instructions you receive tell you everything.  You are told what you will require in advance (making sure that everything is of the very best quality that you can afford).  You are then told in exact detail what to do.  We recommend that you practice these instructions well before performing the spell, so that reminding yourself of what to do next does not break your concentration.

Can I have my money back if it doesn’t work?

Due to the nature of our product, we can no longer offer any refunds except in very exceptional circumstances.

Our Magick is very powerful Magick.  We have heard of individuals who have been using – and continue to successfully use – our $45 Basic Spells to Create Sexual Opportunities, or to Attract New Lovers, or to Always have Sufficient Money, for many years.  (Don’t bother with cheap spells, or even free spells you might find elsewhere; you will be disappointed beyond words).  Our Magick is very real, very powerful and absolutely the real deal.  Make no mistake about that.

The weak link in the chain is often how the Magick is performed.  We therefore keep things as simple as we can (hence the term, ‘Basic Spells’) to make it easier for you to create your Magick.  What is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL however is complete concentration, a meditation and visualization of whatever your intended outcome will be. Have you purchased one of our Money Magick spells?  Visualize yourself driving a convertible supercar, or sailing, or shopping, or choosing designer jewellery.  I’ll leave it to you to decide what you visualize in one of our Sex Magick spells.  The trick is to focus on what you really want, what excites you, and concentrate on that.  Inject as much emotion and excitement into your visualization as you can.

IF there was a way in which we could guarantee complete concentration and accurate visualization every time a Magick spell is performed, and we were able to control it, we would be in a position where we could offer refunds again.  As this major part is over to you, then we are unable to at this time.  We provide the spell instructions; the Magick is still created by you.

Can I contact you?

There is the opportunity to provide feedback from every purchase.  Let us know how you get on, and we might use your comments, endorsements and  in future advertising (with a free product of your choice, as a thank-you).

We have a Contact Us page on this website.  Doing so presents the problem of so many blinkered and closed-minded people who use this page as a way to condemn what we do, which has been known to bring our Server down.  At the very least, we get so clogged up with hate-mail that the genuine emails and queries get lost.  For this inconvenience we apologize – we always put the Contact Us page back up when things have quietened down somewhat.

We do not publish a telephone number or an office address, for the same reason.

Our email and Contact Us page is accessed 24/7 by different staff at different locations, therefore a response ought to be with you quite quickly.  This is assuming a response is warranted!  It is our policy to never enter into arguments with our critics, as our time is better spent on servicing our customers.

Please do NOT contact us to sell us Web Hosting, Website Design services, SEO services, software, or any of that stuff.  We don’t spam anyone, so don’t do it to us.

How secure is my data?

As secure as we can make it.  Let us walk you through some of our security measures as an assurance that we take questions regarding Data Protection really seriously.

First, we pay to use PayPal as our payment gateway.  It’s the biggest name out there, and probably the most trusted.  It’s another level of security that we wish to offer you.  Your money goes to PayPal, who then pass it on to us.  That’s about as reassuring as it gets, isn’t it?

(By the way, that does not mean that you have to have a PayPal account.  You can also use any major Bank or Credit Card).

Your personal data will never be leaked by us.  Why?  because we don’t even ask for it.  There’s no need for us to know your postal address, your mother’s maiden name, or anything else (though PayPal may ask for it, for legal reasons).

We do not keep a list of people who have purchased from us in the past, beyond our legal requirement to do so.  We have no need of a list.  It’s the people who will buy from us in the future who are our concern.

We ask for an email address purely to assist with the download of your purchase.  If you wish to open a Hotmail account as a privacy measure, purely for this download and never use it again, that’s fine with us.

What is your Marketing policy?

We do not use Google Adsense on this website, as we would expect the nature of what we sell would fall short of Google’s draconian policies anyway.  Our income is derived solely from the sale of our products; although we will always entertain questions regarding Banner Advertising on the Business Magick website from interested parties.

We promote Business Magick through advertising spaces which we pay for, with a little bit of SEO thrown in.  We do not engage in social media.  We never use email marketing, so there’s no need to worry about any spam from us.

Where can I find you on social media?

You can’t.  We find that we get too much hate-mail and the rest of it to make social media worthwhile for us.

Why are your spells not free?

Firstly, we are a legitimate business.  We sell a high quality product – we believe it to be the best of its kind, anywhere – and we exist to make a profit for our stakeholders.  Just like any other business.  We aren’t all hippies…

Secondly, ask yourself these questions.  How seriously do you think the spirit world will take your request when you have made absolutely no effort?  If however you have made the effort to purchase the very best, highest quality materials you can afford, to prepare and cleanse everything before you perform your Magick, and to prepare yourself thoroughly; AND you have invested serious funds in your spell because you KNOW it will work and you KNOW the outcome will happen; don’t you agree that this would be more successful?

By investing in a spell from us, you are already putting wheels in motion.  The spirits are already aware of the commitment you have made.  You will have already taken the first steps to bringing the things you want, into your life.

This is the primary reason why free & cheap spells are best avoided.  The unseen World is not going to be inspired into action by cheapness.  If bagging a bargain is your primary concern, then you are already doomed to fail.

Interested in one of our highest-level Magick spells, but can’t afford it?  Try one of our basic level ones, and use it to attract sufficient means to invest in the more powerful Magick.

Does it matter which country I live in?

Unless you risk serious harm by being caught, in a country where the use of Magick is severely punished by the state religious fanatics – you can download and use our products anywhere.

We would always ask you to consider your circumstances for yourself, and accept responsibility for your own decisions.  Business Magick cannot be held responsible if, by owning a Business Magick spell, you are breaking local laws.

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We hope that we have been able to satisfy any questions which you may have about us and our products.

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