Our Products

We currently offer TWO categories of our products:

Basic Spell products.

Our Basic Spells are our most popular products.  There’s a choice of four categories of Basic Spell, so there’s bound to be something for most needs.  Our advice would be to reflect and objectively consider what the real issue is that you are trying to address, and then order whichever one is the most appropriate.  This is of vital importance, as emotion is a vital ingredient in the success of any Magick.

By way of an example, we recently heard from a gentleman who couldn’t decide which spell to purchase.  He was torn between spells to find money, to always enjoy sufficient money, or to win a promotion.  To help him decide, he took a while to consider his actual, root reasons were, which might influence his choice.  In other words, he had to find out what it was that he really wanted.  He decided that the real reason he wanted to get rich in the first place was to attract women.  In the end, he purchased a spell that generates new sex opportunities; let’s just say that he is a very busy man, and not regretting his purchase in the slightest!

Do not be fooled by the term ‘Basic Spells’.  This does not mean that the Magick is in any way substandard; Magick is always Magick.  One cannot slightly seek the help of the unseen world; either Magick works, or it does not.  The term ‘Basic’ simply refers to the simplicity of the ritual.  There is anything from 5 to 12 steps (depending upon which spell) and a handful of materials required which can be purchased more or less anywhere.  These Basic Spells can be internalized quickly, which is good from a concentration point of view.  They are far easier to perform than our Advanced Magick.

Advanced Magick products.

Our Advanced Magick also takes the form of instructions in a downloaded .pdf format.  This Advanced Magick is not for the feint-hearted.  These ceremonies provide the full-on Magick experience.  Although rather more paraphernalia is required, much of this can be found in the natural World.  The rest can be purchased locally, made, or obtained from specialist suppliers.

Whilst our Basic Spells alone are already powerful Magick, our Advanced Magick remains more powerful still.  This Magick is all-encompassing.  It is life-changing.  Using this Magick is like removing scales from your eyes; you didn’t even notice they were there before, but after using our Advanced Magick you can see clearly for the first time in your life.  It is however not for general consumption, and has been priced accordingly.