Advanced Magick

This page is dedicated to our Advanced Magick products.  These are, without question, the most powerful, visceral Magick which can be purchased today.

Advanced Magick.

Our Advanced Magick items can be considered to be our flagship products.  These, too, take the form of downloads, meaning that the Advanced Magick can be in your hands, quickly and easily, for you to keep, to practice, and to repeat when you require.

The required materials list is longer with our Advanced Magick.  Much of the requirement can be fulfilled in the natural World, with the rest either purchased locally or obtained from a specialist supplier.  We would also recommend making products yourself whenever possible, as this will imbue the item in question with your own personal vibrations, strengthening the Magick and making the spell instantly more effective.

The list of instructions is also rather more complex than you will find in our Basic Spells.  There is therefore a far greater need to practice and rehearse the Magick so concentration levels can be maintained throughout.

The instructions might require the spread of several days – some steps performed, then a wait of a few days before continuing – and may require commencement on a particular day of the week or month.  Sometimes it is necessary for the moon to be in a particular phase.  All these aspects are of vital importance, and must never be overlooked or trivialized.

Our Advanced Magick is powerful and can, in the wrong hands, be extremely dangerous.  The Magick has therefore been priced beyond the reach of all but the most dedicated.


NO REFUND IS OFFERED on our downloadable products.  You are buying information only.  The effectiveness of your Magick is in your hands; it is down to how much time, effort, concentration, will-power and urgent emotion you invest in your Magick.  We recommend that each spell is rehearsed before it is actually used; we also recommend that it is repeated.  Keep records of everything – times and dates, your feelings, tiredness, how well you were able to concentrate; records of your results; any Epiphany moments you experience.  Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page for further advice.


At the moment we have no Advanced Magick product available.  We are currently receiving guidance in this matter; we pray that intelligence will lead us to our goal very soon.  Rest assured, the results will be well worth waiting for.