Terms and Conditions of Sale

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with our Terms and Conditions of sale.

By purchasing from us, we assume that you have read our Terms and Conditions, and agree to be bound by them.

Our Terms and Conditions of sale are in addition to your statutory rights (please follow the links at the foot of this page) and in addition to the protection afforded to you by PayPal.

We reserve the right to amend and update these Terms and Conditions, in accordance with online selling legislation, and our policy of continued improvement to our business.

Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Business Magick are providers of written instructions on how to perform high quality, powerful Magick spells.  Upon selecting a Magick spell, a customer would click Buy Now and be taken to PayPal and offered a choice of paying by card or from a PayPal account.  Once payment is accepted, a link is provided from which the Magick spell instructions can be downloaded.  Once in possession of the instruction document, the user can repeat the spell as often and as regularly as they wish.  There is no time limit on the instruction document; it is theirs to keep.

Business Magick spells are only available though this website.  Any outlet claiming to sell our product (or spells authorized by Business Magick) is a fake and should be avoided.

Spell selection.

The responsibility for the selection is solely that of the customer.  Business Magick do not know your circumstances, your true desires, or your character well enough to advise on selecting the correct spell.

NO REFUND IS OFFERED if a Magick spell purchased turns out to be the wrong choice.  Refunds are only available if it is a mistake on the part of Business Magick.  We would suggest keeping the unwanted spell a hidden secret, until circumstances demand it to be necessary.


Business Magick will only accept payment via our PayPal payment gateway.  We will not enter into any discussions regarding alternative payments, cash, or goods or services.

Aside from being a shoddy business practice in our opinion, we also believe that the Spirit World are not impressed by such cheapskate antics, and you Magick is unlikely to work.

Entering details into PayPal.

Business Magick remain independent of PayPal, other than paying them for the use of their services for accepting payment from our customers.  As such, we have no control over PayPal.  We will however try our utmost to resolve Paypal problems and disputes, in partnership with our customers.  We pride ourselves on customer care and resolving issues, as we would very much like to enjoy your custom in the future.

It is, however, the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure that their details are entered correctly.  NO REFUND IS OFFERED if, for example, the email address provided by our customer is incorrect, or if a card is not accepted.

Problems with download.

In the unlikely event of a problem downloading your purchase, please use the Contact Us page in the first instance.  Please ensure your email address is entered correctly.  We aim to reply as soon as possible, and to resolve all issues well within 24 hours.

Our refund policy.

Please be aware that NO REFUND IS OFFERED on any of our Magick spells for any reason other than our mistake or our technical issue.  We have been ripped off far too many times by folks who copy the .PDF file and then return it asking for their money back.

IF YOU ARE UNHAPPY WITH YOUR PURCHASE please read our Frequently Asked Questions page before using our Contact Us page.

Sharing your purchase with others.

We STRONGLY URGE YOU to keep your purchases private and secret, even from your spouse.

Magick is personal.  To share it devalues it and it is unlikely to work, for you or the recipient.

The use of Magick to bring to you the things you desire most, is beyond the comprehension of most everyday people.  By sharing your spells, you risk disharmony to yourself and others close to you.

Our Magick spells are PROTECTED BY CURSE.  We have found this the most effective protection for ourselves.  To share, lend, give away or sell your Business Magick purchase runs the risk of harm befalling you, the recipient, and those around you.

If you wish for others to use the same Magick as you have purchased, please feel free to refer them to this website.  By making a sacrifice (i.e. paying for their own Magick) they are more likely to succeed with it than if they had gotten it for free.

Additions to these Terms and Conditions.

Of there is anything which you feel is omitted from these Terms and Conditions, please use the Contact Us form to discuss it with us.

By purchasing from Business Magick, it is assumed that you agree to these Terms and Conditions.  Please use the Contact Us page if there is anything you would wish to clarify before making your purchase.